Nutritional Philosophy

Eat what grows from the ground, what falls from the tree, and what swims in the sea.
— Anthony Liberti (Tricia's Grandfather)

My grandfather inspired me from a young age with this quote. He supported a sensible relationship with food, and helped to form my earliest relationship with nutrition. 

The diet should consist of vegetables, fruits, healthy protein choices, whole grains, nuts and seeds and other sources of healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil and avocados. I firmly believe that certain people are sensitive to certain foods and may achieve greater health when these foods are eliminated from the diet. I believe that red meat should be limited. I believe that a diet can be healthy with or without dairy. I believe that occasional indulgences in “less than healthy” foods are fun. I believe that some people are more sensitive to sugar and caffeine than others, and that some people do better without these in their diets.

I believe in mindful eating and slowing down the rate of which we eat, while increasing the number of chews in each bite. I believe we should “eat clean” and limit or avoid food additives such as preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, artificial sugars and added sugars. I believe that when we are craving something sweet, we should try to reach for fruit. I believe that weight loss is possible and that there are many paths to weight loss. I believe in you. I believe that it is possible for you to set and realize your nutrition goals.

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Read a letter from Rob, and how Tricia's philosophy helped transform his life


I'm sitting here eating my Hummus and Spinach filled whole wheat pita w/fresh carrots on the side and I thought about you and your nutrition class. Thank you once again for teaching this 8 week nutritional workplace wellness series. It was very informative and I learned a lot, but really didn't implement until we returned home from our summer vacation to Canada. 


In the Beginning of August, I weighed myself and the scale read a whopping 261.2lbs.  Needless to say I missed my July goal of losing 5lbs. So, I joined the local health club and changed my eating habits to include less meat. Added more vegetables, beans, nuts and natural proteins besides meat, trying to stick to as many unprocessed foods as possible, to include eating fish twice a week.

This morning I weighed myself and I couldn't believe my eyes.  I thought the scale was broken, 247.4lbs , down 13.8lbs!  I haven't been under 250lbs for over 4yrs and it was easy.  I feel great and can't wait to see how much more weigh I lose. My wife told me I'm getting HOT! I Love it! Thank you for ALL of your help and nutritional facts.  They really helped me get back on track.

Please let me know when you're going to be back offering this class again. I would love to take it. You're the Greatest!!

Rob M., attendee, 8-week nutrition programs led by Tricia at a worksite in Natick, MA

"A fine Line: Is that Snack Really Just a Candy Bar?"

I would much prefer you snack on an apple or anything in the produce aisle. Always choose living foods over packaged foods whenever possible.
- Tricia Silverman, article by Darren Garnick in Natures Healthy Choices for Healthy Living

 2016 update from Rob:

"Just went for my recent check-up and 3 months ago the Dr. gave me a 5lb weight loss goal and working out 3x a week.  Well guess what? Not only have I achieved this Goal but I doubled it losing 10lbs and working out 4x a week not including my walks with my wife. So I was 258lbs three months ago, at the apt two weeks ago 248lbs and now I'm down to 242lbs. The key has been something you mentioned to me over a year ago. Try to avoid the processed white flour and do you remember I told you I loved eat sandwiches for lunch? I'll never forget this, because you said. Eat a salad instead. Talk about taking the wind out of my sails, I hate eating salad and love holding my food & chopping down.

But then I realized it wasn't supporting my end goal of losing weight and living to be 100+yrs old. So get this...I've been eating salads for lunch every day. Not only that, my wife a vegetarian has been making some fantastic dinners for my vegan daughter. I eat the leftovers for my lunch the next day. I call it my garbage pail lunch. Because it's whatever is left over dumped on top of my spinach or other greens. Yummy stuff. But it gets even better. We just joined a CSA and we are getting a ton of Greens and colorful things to Chop up for my lunch salads. We take the veggies for the week put them into a huge bowl and I dump the leftovers on top of that. Incredible. Overall I feel 1000x better eating less meat.

Let me know when you are coming back to Natick, I miss those 1 hr. lunch sessions. I always walked away with another option or tool to help be achieve my weight goal. Thank you for that.

Thank you again, for your words of nutritional wisdom. Making a change in your lifestyle with food choices is extremely difficult as you know. You have found a way to appeal to various people at different stages of their journey and helped them stay on the path."

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