Healthy Cooking Demonstrations with a Dietitian and Chef


Join your co-workers for a fun and tasty lunch prepared by Chefs Shawn Lander and Jimmy of Fresh City Restaurants of Massachusetts, who will share healthy cooking tips. Tricia, your nutritionist, will reveal the unique nutrients in your lunch and how they protect against cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other health conditions. Learn quick ways to add healthy foods to your cooking repertoire during these exciting cooking demonstrations. This is a popular program sure to delight and inspire your attendees.

Olive Oil Tasting


This tasting is an add-on to the Mediterranean Pathway to Wellness Class, the Faster Meals Class, or any other class you would like to add it on to.

Are you wondering how to select olive oil? Do you know the difference between extra virgin and regular olive oil? Learn about the health benefits and sensory qualities to look for in olive oil as you compare and contrast typical supermarket olive oils with a premium extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy with fresh whole grain bread and interesting spice arrays.

Nuts about Nutrition


Have you tried cashew butter, almond butter, or sesame tahini dressing? Did you know that nuts are good for your heart? Taste and learn about the nutritional benefits of nuts, seeds, delicious nut butters, and nut oils. Discover savory ways to incorporate them into fast-n-healthy meals and snacks.

Nutrition Power Hour


Learn about the keys to good nutrition in this power-packed hour. Discover an easy way to use the food label for smart shopping, see why calories count, and learn simple techniques for portioning food. Hear about the sneaky ways sugar can affect your health, gain some helpful tips on dining out, and experience how mindful eating can change your relationship with food.