Employee Wellness Programs

Inspire, Inform and Support Your Team!


Tricia is constantly creating and updating seminars to address new trends and evidence-based scientific research on wellness issues. Her programs are fun and engaging and her seminar catalog currently includes over 40 different wellness topics. Employers keep inviting her back to present to their employees year after year!

Thank you so much for your valuable nutrition education to our employees at the Town of Walpole. Because of your fun and practical sessions, many of our employees have changed to a healthier lifestyle. You give simple advice to change small habits that go a long way. One [piece of] advice that I always to this day quote you to my husband is “Waste or Waist” when both of us should stop eating.
- Robin C., Walpole Health Director

Lunch and Learns

A great way to share Tricia's wisdom and fun with your employees is to bring her in to do a lunch and learn seminar. Some groups make her seminars optional, while others make her seminars mandatory. Either way, attendees are sure to walk away with practical tips they can use right away.

After-work seminars

Help your employees get or stay well with convenient after work programs. Tricia's combined nutrition and exercise classes work especially well after work, and are convenient and appealing to a wide range of employees.

Tricia has had several nutritional sessions at [my worksite]. Each time she comes, I get a new set of tools to help me and my family live a healthier life. The information I have learned from her expertise in nutrition is phenomenal! Can’t wait for the next session!
- Colleen P., attendee, numerous Blue Cross nutrition programs

Coaching For Employees

Tricia can spend 1-on-1 time coaching your employees on health and wellness. From gaining energy to losing weight, exercising more, or quitting smoking, your employees will be listened to and will develop a vision and goals for their wellness. Thirty minutes per employee is commonplace, and Tricia will do longer or shorter sessions depending on the needs of your employees, and your budget!

Tricia is simply an amazing nutritionist, facilitator, leader, coach, and educator. Her programs are the best we have ever seen at MIIA and are consistently rated superior by our Members. Participants in her classes always ask for more. She is passionate about health and compassionate toward those who are trying to make changes in their lives. Tricia doesn't just provide programs- she provides creative experiences that enrich and motivate. She is reliable, super organized, and timely in everything she does. Tricia brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to her services and is committed to staying current in her field. I can't say enough about Tricia and am so very grateful of our working relationship. Thank you Tricia!
- Wendy Gammons, MS, CWPD, HSMI, MIIA Wellness Coordinator

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