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I have always been fascinated by Entrepreneurship. As a kid, I was interested in trying to find ways to make money. After I became a dietitian, I knew that I wanted to own my own business someday. I decided to get my MBA and was attracted to Babson College since it had been voted #1 for Entrepreneurship consistently for many years by U.S. News and World Report.

My business providing wellness services has been open since 2004. I started teaching Nutrition Entrepreneurship for Northeastern University’s Master’s in Applied Nutrition in 2008. I have also taught this course for the University of Saint Joseph in Connecticut. 

My methodology for teaching entrepreneurship is to be very supportive of and encouraging to the amazing students in my course. I believe that all assignments should have a practical application to their lives or careers. I believe in making the most of their time. We study important foundations of business and entrepreneurship, while keeping an eye out for new trends and helpful resources. My course evolves each year.

Testimonials from Tricia's former students:


Because of your class, I moved into a proper office space, started a bi-monthly nutrition newsletter in contract with constant contact, have reached out to new doctors for referrals, started planning to take my weight loss workshops to the private setting which never occurred to me before, started networking more aggressively, started honing in on my target audience and making sure I am where they are, created a new website soon to be launched, created new areas of services, and so so so much more!!!!

I really can't thank you enough for your positivity, guidance and support. 

Ilana Muhlstein, R.D.
Registered Dietitian Nutritionis 

Well, the quarter is finally over and I feel it's time to give my feedback. You had asked me for my opinion some weeks ago over the phone but I didn't want to comment too heavily before all grades had been submitted. The reason for that was that I didn't want to come across as a brown-noser. I would honestly have a very difficult time coming up with any criticisms of this course or your teaching methodology.

This has been, without a doubt, the single most inspiring class I have had the luxury of being a part of in the entirety of my academic career - and I am including my 5 years as an undergraduate. The amount of information that we were given was staggering. Your involvement and careful critique of our work was invaluable. The discussions were eye-opening every single week. I printed every newsletter, every article and every discussion board so that I can revisit them later. I think I can truly say, for the first time ever, that I would happily pay to retake this course, if only for the insights I gained from it.
Thank you so much for challenging us and for providing us with a class that will forever linger in the backs of our minds when we make business decisions. I will remember everything I learned in this class and it will make my business dreams that much more attainable. What you have accomplished in this short twelve weeks is remarkable, and I hope you continue to offer your expertise and your enthusiasm to students. Academia needs more professors like you. I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons - may the coming new year bring you as much wonder and joy as you have brought me in the past three months.
Forever Grateful
-Student in Tricia's Nutrition Entrepreneurship Course, Northeastern University


Professor Tricia Silverman was my professor for the class, Nutrition Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University, Masters of Applied Nutrition.  But honestly, she was more than that to me; she was the consummate role model.  You see, in my B.O.B., a great professor is someone who is warm, accessible, and enthusiastic; someone who cares about her students succeeding in their studies.  
As an older student, I had high expectations of my professors.  I wanted good leadership and professors who were confident, motivating, flexible, approachable, inspiring – and kind.  Well I hit the jackpot with Professor Silverman.  She was tough, but fair.  She set high expectations and made you want to achieve every one of them.  I loved every moment of her class and was sad when it concluded.  
Professor Silverman was a mentor, a confidant, and one of my greatest cheerleaders.  Through her leadership/teaching style, and her example, I have moved forward to become a very successful professional.  Her excitement, motivation, and encouragement helped me accomplish many of my passions and goals.  Since graduating from Northeastern, I have accomplished so much in my career as an oncology clinician at Johns Hopkins.  I also started my own medical nutrition consulting business and was accepted into the Doctoral Program at Northeastern University.  Without her earnest encouragement, I don’t believe I would have realized my dreams.   
Professor Silverman, all I can say is, THANK YOU.  Honestly, I hope you know how much I learned from you, and how much I enjoyed your class. You’re simply the best!

Most Sincerely, Barbara A. Doherty, RN, MS, PAHM, LNC
Oncology Nurse Clinician/Oncology Nurse Navigator
Suburban Hospital Cancer Program
Johns Hopkins Medicine

During my master's degree education at Northeastern University, Tricia Silverman taught Nutrition Entrepreneurship. This course has proven to be very valuable in my career as a Registered Dietitian in private practice. I was seeking a way to establish more independence in my career and the tools of this course have helped me become more successful in my work. By developing a business plan, I was able to focus on my goals and a realistic timeline for both short and long-term goals. I also learned about passive income--such as revenues derived from products developed once, yet continue to generate income, such as books and on-line courses. At the conclusion of my master's program, I had a fully-functional website and a plan for the next phase of my career. I am now managing several part-time positions which allow me the flexibility to make my own schedule and charge consultant rates which reflect my level of experience and expertise. Thank you, Professor Silverman, for helping me advance to the next level of my career.

-Maureen R., MS, RD, CDE