Nutrition Health Fair Presentations

Captivating customized health fair presentations that inspire & inform!


Nutrition Display Table

An attractive display of healthy foods and handouts is set up with Tricia available to answer nutrition questions. Food sampling can be offered such as a “pack your own” trail mix station or vegetables and hummus, or other healthful snacks. Pick from the following nutrition topics or request your own:


Sugar Shockers

In this captivating and engaging display you will learn about the shocking amounts of sugar in some favorite foods. Learn why sugar is not so sweet for your mind, body and weight. Get helpful tips for reducing your sugar intake, while keeping your diet satisfying and flavorful. Taste fulfilling lower sugar snacks that are flavorful and waist-friendly.

See Tricia speak about sugar here:

Tricia is passionate about spreading the truth about sugar-content in common foods. This will change the way you read nutrition labels. Get ready for some chilling math!


Spice up Your Kitchen

Learn about different spice combinations that can enhance your health and add flavor and pizazz to your meals. Learn the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Participate in an olive oil tasting to learn more about what to look for in a good quality extra-virgin olive oil. See how you can make a quick and tasty dipping oil which can be paired with whole grain bread, or mixed over favorite vegetables and whole grains.


Self-coaching strategies for Wellness and Weight Loss

Learn fascinating self-coaching techniques to help you reach your wellness and weight loss goals. An interactive table will be set up with self-coaching handouts, tips and exercises that will help activate and motivate attendees. A sample of themes that will be promoted include mindfulness and mindful eating, self-compassion, journaling, vision boards, gratitude and more! Tasty snacks will be available to practice mindful eating while learning about nutritious food. Tricia will set up the table and will walk attendees through the exercises, as well as answer questions about nutrition.

"10 Things Your Nutritionist Wishes You'd Stop Doing"

If you slip up on your diet or exercise plan, self-compassion is key. This is the notion of being kind to yourself, picking yourself up, realizing this happens to a lot of people and learning from the slip-up to prevent it from happening again. The quicker you get back on track, the closer you will be to your wellness goals.
- Tricia Silverman, article by Melissa Rudy on

More Popular Health Fair Topics

Nutrition and Sleep


Fascinating Connections: Learn how sleeping well can help to control your weight. Discover foods, herbs, teas, and minerals that can make you feel more sleepy and others that may interfere with sleep. 

Eat Healthy for Less

Discover the secrets of saving money while shopping for healthy foods. Tricia's display features healthy food options that cost less, plus information on a free website that makes couponing worthwhile and a cinch. Also featured is advice on using unit pricing on supermarket shelf tags to save a bundle! 


Be Smart, Have a Rainbow in Your Cart

An attractive colorful display is set up which emphasizes the importance of shopping for and eating a rainbow array of fruits and vegetables. Smart produce shopping tips will be given out as well as tasty food samples.

The Lean Scene

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks: An attractive attention-getting display is set up and helpful tips for losing weight will be given out, as well as healthy snack samples.

The Taste Challenge

Learn about healthy eating strategies while sampling a variety of foods and their healthier counterparts. See if you can taste the difference. And yes, you will be tasting chocolate, too!

Simple, Natural, Tasty Ways to Lower Blood Pressure, Triglycerides, and Cholesterol


Heart-healthy eating doesn't mean taking away lots of foods. Learn about all the healthy foods you can add to your diet to live the heart-smart way. Demystify cholesterol and learn how to bring the lousy (LDL) kind down and the healthy (HDL) kind up. Find out which power foods, nutrients, and healthy lifestyle suggestions can help.

Other Health Fair Options

Know Your Numbers with Custom Sessions

Body Mass Index Calculation

Tricia measures body mass index and makes nutrition recommendations based on the score and nutritional habits.

Nutrition Consultations/Coaching

Tricia provides personalized nutrition advice. Fifteen minute timeslots to one hour timeslots can be accommodated.

Body Fat Analysis

Using bioimpedence technology, body fat measurements are taken and exercise and fitness advice is tailored to the results. 

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