Expert  Coaching for Wellness, Business Success, and Smoking Cessation

One-on-one Wellness Coaching


Do you want to get more organized, lose weight, gain more energy, and fit more exercise into your schedule? Do you need someone to help keep you accountable? Coaching is one of those rare times when you are fully listened to. It is really a valuable experience that has helped so many people reach their wellness goals. During the first call we talk about a vision for your wellness. We then make goals to help you reach that vision. During the following calls, we talk about your progress, discuss areas of concern, and then set new goals. It's a supportive, collaborative experience.

Ready to make real strides in your approach to health and wellness?


Group Coaching

Save money and enjoy the camaraderie of setting and working toward goals in a group. Join a weight management or business mastermind group led by Tricia.


The Coach’s Coach

Are you a health & wellness coach that needs a coach? Tricia provides a kind, caring, compassionate, trusting and supportive atmosphere where you can be listened to and be the coaching client. She will help you set your own vision and wellness goals, and is the person that you can be accountable to.

Need extra support & accountability?


Career Guidance and Coaching for Those Looking into a Nutrition Career

Do you want to become a dietitian? Whether it’s your first career or you are considering changing careers, Tricia can help. She will share what it means to be a dietitian, the financial an employment outlook for nutrition jobs and will ask and answer your questions to see if being a dietitian is the right career for you. 

Ready to take a smart professional step?

The information provided by Tricia just about saved my life. It certainly helped save time and money in the long run in terms of my health insurance by cutting back on doctor's visits and medication.
- Attendee, Nutrition Program 2014

Smoking Cessation Coaching

Do you need help, support and kindness while putting an end to your smoking habit? Tricia can help. She has been trained as a Smoking Cessation Facilitator by the American Lung Association. She has helped many people quit and wants to help you! Learn about helpful tips, resources and strategies for kicking the habit.