Global Longevity Factors:

What to Eat, and What to Do for Optimal Health: Learn which dietary and lifestyle practices lead to health, vitality, and longevity across the world. Through her interactive props and colorful display, along with her engaging speaking style, Registered Dietitian Tricia Silverman will share simple tips to optimize your health.

Longevity and Slimming Secrets of the Okinawans:

Discover the nutrition and lifestyle strategies that have helped the Okinawans enjoy the world's highest population of centenarians (those living at 100 years of age or older). Learn how eating and living the Okinawan way can slim your waistline and improve your well-being. Hear about healthy practices that can help you boost your health and perhaps add healthy happy years to your life!

Longevity Gifts of Abkhazia, Vilcabamba and Hunza:

Learn about the lifestyle and dietary practices of cultures where elders are known for living long lives full of vitality and health. Explore the unique breakfast habits of the Abkhazians and Hunzans. Learn about the natural-foods diet of the Vilcabambans and see how reducing processed foods in your own diet may contribute to longevity and robust health.

Nutrition Pearls of China, Costa Rica & Loma Linda:

Discover how following some traditional eating habits of the Chinese can lower rates of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Learn how beans, squash, and corn are helping people live longer in Costa Rica. See why the Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda, California, are one of the healthiest and longest living populations in the United States. Strategies for simple and healthy meals and snacks that reflect the tasty and nutritious food of these cultures will be shared.

The Mediterranean Pathway to Healthier Living:

Learn about the delicious components and benefits of the Mediterranean diet. See why those following the Mediterranean diet have less heart disease and lower death rates than those following a typical American diet. Tricia will share easy ways to incorporate healthful Mediterranean foods into your own diet.