Fight inflammation with exercise!

20 minutes of exercise can have anti-inflammatory effects on your body. According to recent research, there is a lowering of cells that are linked with inflammation after just 20 minutes of exercise. Those studied walked on a treadmill at a moderate pace for 20 minutes.

Takeaway: Exercise doesn’t have to be intense in order to have health benefits. A brisk 20-30 minute walk can be very helpful.

Chia Seeds : Anti-Inflammatory

Do you remember Chia Pets? These popular figurines of the 1980’s used chia seeds to grow green plant “hair.” Fast forward 30 years and we are now eating the seeds. The seeds are quite nutritious and pack a powerful omega-3 fatty acid and fiber punch! One tablespoon of chia seeds has 70 calories and contains over 20% of the fiber you need in a day! (Reminder: Increase your water intake when you increase your fiber intake.) Omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory compounds and may help treat and prevent heart disease, depression, dementia, and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Popular ways to use chia seeds are to add them to smoothies, yogurt, and cereal. The first time I tried them was in a Chia Pudding sample I ate at Whole Foods (See the recipe here: ). Chia has a unique consistency…when you add a liquid to the dry seeds, the seeds absorb the liquid and begin to form a gel. 

Chia seeds can be found at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. Check out the natural section of your supermarket as well.