Hummus has me humming, "Yum!"

How excited I was to find this Macro Vegetarian Sprouted Hummus at Rory’s Market and Kitchen in Dennisport, MA. This is by far one of the best hummus’s I’ve ever tasted. I was a little nervous that it was Kale flavored, but was put to complete ease and bliss, as I tasted the pesto-like flavor and consistency. What a delight. And many of you know how picky I am with ingredients. I love that this brand uses organic ingredients, has no GMO ingredients, and no citric acid. Most hummus’s on the market have citric acid, which is an ingredient that I’m trying to avoid, along with all other additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors, as well as non-organic natural flavors. I love that this company uses fresh squeezed lemon juice. Store locator here: Try this hummus and let me know what you think!