Time of Year, Disease Prevention

Healthy Happy Holidays:

Do you want to prevent that holiday weight gain? Learn new ways of approaching workplace, friend, and family holiday gatherings. Learn new tactics to eat mindfully, make time to nurture yourself, and stay on the healthy eating wagon.

Healthy Happy Parties and Vacations:

Yes, you can avoid that party and vacation weight gain.  Learn strategies for staying social while losing or maintaining weight. Discover tactics to make vacations and staycations healthier without packing on the pounds while still enjoying delicious foods.

Beautiful Bones:

Are you getting enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet? Do your bones need attention? Learn tips and tricks for keeping your bones healthy through simple changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Gluten-free, is it for me?:

Have you ever wondered what gluten and a gluten-free diet is? Learn more about wheat, gluten, and its impact on the body in this eye-opening discussion.

Phytochemicals and Anti-Inflammatory Foods:

Power nutrients for maximal health: Do you want more energy, vitality, glowing skin, and a decreased risk for cancer and heart disease? How about faster healing and less pain? See how eating a rainbow-bright diet and power nutrients can give you energy and vitality.

Heart Smart:

Healthy heart eating doesn't mean taking away lots of foods. Learn about all the healthy foods you can add to your diet to live the heart-smart way.

Immunity Boosters and Busters:

Looking to boost your immunity? Learn which foods and lifestyle practices enhance immunity and which ones decrease your body’s ability to fight infection and illness. Join registered dietitian, wellness coach, and fitness instructor Tricia Silverman as she share practical tips and eye-catching nutrition demonstrations to help inspire you to eat for better health and immunity.