Food/Ingredient Specific, Trends

Coconut Products, Paleo vs. Potato, Spiralizing Your Vegetables and More. A Discussion of Some Current Food Trends: 

Is coconut oil healthy? How does Paleo stack up to other ways of eating? Learn about some current food trends and see Tricia demonstrate how to use a spiralizer to make vegetable noodles.

Sugar Shockers:

In this captivating and engaging presentation, you will learn about the shocking amounts of sugar in some favorite foods. Learn why sugar is not so sweet for your mind, body, health and weight. Get helpful tips for reducing your sugar intake, while keeping your diet satisfying and flavorful.

Breakfast and Family Nutrition:

Breakfast sets the tone for a healthy day! Learn about the benefits of breakfast and get ideas on how to make breakfast tasty, healthy, and a meal to look forward to. Learn strategies for feeding a healthy and happy family.

Recipes and Spice Tips:

Discover the health benefits of various spices. Learn about yummy spice blends that can perk up the flavor in your diet while keeping your meals healthy. Tricia will share some of her favorite recipes. Optional: Bring in copies of your own favorite healthy recipe to share. (Natural ingredients only. No recipes with butter, processed foods, excess salt or sugar, or red meat, please)

A Closer Look at Dairy and its Alternatives:

Learn about the types of dairy products that are best for your health. Discover alternatives to dairy, such as soy milk and almond milk.

Whole Grains Galore and Gluten-free Options:

Is wheat the enemy? Can eating gluten-free make a difference in health and weight? Learn about whole grains, as well as the gluten-free lifestyle.

Plant-Based Diet Ideas and Strategies:

Learn why incorporating more plant-based meals in your diet can enhance and extend your life. Learn about the benefits of bean and soy and how to incorporate tasty vegetarian meals into your lifestyle.

Food Feuds:

Is caffeine okay? Do carrots have too much sugar? What’s the story with chocolate? What are GMO’s? Demystify and debunk nutrition myths and reveal stunning facts about ingredients and foods that we eat.

Snack Track:

Is snacking sabotaging your diet? Are you hooked on “less than healthy” snacks? Learn how strategic snacking can keep your diet on track and keep you energized. Discover tasty and healthy snack ideas.

Brown Bag Lunches:

Learn about ways to pack more nutrition and activity into your lunch. See how packing your own lunch can save time and money. Strategize your lunch to help support your health and wellness goals.

Carb and Calorie Conscious:

Wondering if you are eating too many carbohydrates and calories? Gain a better understanding about what carbohydrates are and how much you need to help attain your wellness goals. See a demo of a helpful free internet nutrition resource for planning and budgeting your calories.

Food Product Update:

Learn about healthy products that can make it easier to eat on the go. Nut butters, soy products, healthy spreads, bean salads and more will be discussed.