Weight Loss

Design Your Health:

Sneaky Strategies to Manage Weight: Learn about how to design your food radius! Your food radius encompasses places where you make eating decisions usually, within 5 miles from home. This includes your home, the restaurants you choose to eat at, the grocery store you shop at and where you work. Discover simple techniques that will help you subconsciously make better choices that can affect your weight and health. Tips from Dr. Brian Wansink's book, Slim for Design will be shared. Striking visuals will be displayed that will have you thinking twice about the plates and glasses you choose to use.

Excellent Presentation! I’ve been in a public speaking class for 16 years. You had great audience contact and it showed you really knew your material!
- Attendees, Town of Wellesley

Change Your Behavior, Change Your Weight:

Are you a stress or emotional eater? Learn how to eat mindfully. Gently nourish your body without feeling guilt. Combat compulsive overeating. Learn relaxation techniques and healthy ways to cope with stress.

Stress Eating Solved!:

Do you turn to food when you are stressed? Get help and hints to cope with stress without overeating during this informative and enlightening presentation.

Nutrition and Sleep:

Fascinating Connections: Learn how sleeping well can help to control your weight. Discover foods, herbs, teas, and minerals that can make you feel sleepier and others that may interfere with sleep.

Eat Less, Feel Full:

Are you always hungry when trying to lose weight? Learn how to chase away hunger by setting up a healthy eating strategy that will keep you feeling full and full of energy as well!